Is there an age requirement for starting lessons?

There is no hard and fast rule about the proper age to start lessons - whether for singing or piano. It really depends on the student's ability to do certain things, and that varies from one individual to the next.

  • Piano students need to know their numbers and letters of the alphabet, and must have enough finger strength to press down the keys of a piano (not a keyboard - there is a difference in resistance). And attention span needs to be considered. We are champions at keeping students engaged in the learning process, but the child's ability to focus needs to be considered. All of these abilities usually come together at around age 5 for most children. But some will arrive at the readiness stage a bit earlier, and some later.
  • For voice lessons, although the voice does go through changes during puberty, there is no reason why children cannot learn to use their voices properly long before that time. If they can match pitch, and if they show an interest in singing in their elementary school years - especially if they are involved in school or community performance groups - it is important to get them into proper vocal training to foster healthy vocal technique, avoid vocal strain and deter bad habits that may linger.
  • And of course, there is no such thing as "too old" to start lessons, whether for singing or playing piano! We welcome adults of all generations and find they are some of our most delightful students.

How often should I practice?

Daily practice is essential to development of your technique, regardless of your instrument. Muscle memory develops over time. Shorter (25-30 minute), more focused and goal-oriented practice sessions on a daily basis are much more productive than one or two long (hour or more) practice sessions. Be sure to check out our blog article on Practice Tips!

How many lessons will it take for me to be able to sing/play well?

It's impossible to say. Everyone progresses at their own pace. If you are dedicated to learning how to sing/play, put in the practice time on a daily basis, and really apply yourself, you will be surprised at how quickly you advance. We believe the journey is as important as the destination, and you may find that you enjoy your lessons so much that you will want to continue studying even after you've "arrived" at the level you wish to achieve.

Are lessons available online and in studio? And are they as effective online?

Yes to both! Admittedly, there are some technical aspects that must be dealt with to optimize the online musical learning experience (see Tweaking "Optimizing Zoom Audio Settings for online music Lessons"), but online, we are able to teach all the typical exercises and instruction that would be used in our in-studio lessons. Our online students have done just as well as the students who take lessons in the studio.